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Aravena offers a range of 'public' and in-house training services in the PRINCE2® methodology.

In addition, Aravena offers related training and coaching in programme and project management core knowledge areas in order to promote mastery of this complex topic. 

As part of our dedication to ‘promoting mastery’ of our profession, and whilst passing exams is an important quality measure, our facilitators are intrinsically aiming to ensure that delegates understand the topic and develop the same passion that they have for its usefulness in application in their workplace.

Our facilitators have delivered numerous courses to clients throughout Australasia, both accredited and practical, and have a significant success in ensuring that delegates understand and can apply the tenants of good programme/project management to their environment.

All of our courses can be tailored to suit your organisation depending on your needs.

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PRINCE2® (PRojects IN Controlled Environments version 2) is a process-based method for effective project management. PRINCE2 is widely recognised as a world-class international product and, although AEXLOS owns the intellectual prope...

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Related Training

Aravena Global Solutions, in addition to its PRINCE2® and MSP® courses, offers a range of associated non-accredited Project Management course/workshops that are focussed on different outcomes for executives, project teams ...

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