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Welcome to Aravena Global Solutions

Aravena Global Solutions (Aravena) is a provider of Programme and Project Management (PPM) and related services and training. Aravena has a range of capabilities in the areas of PPM implementation, mentoring and consulting and in the provision of training in PRINCE2®.

Aravena is an Accredited Consulting Organisation (ACO) and Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) for the delivery of Project Management related best practice methodologies. These methodologies are part of the Global Best Practice products created on behalf of the UK government and adopt a generic, best-practice orientated approach for the management of all types of programmes and projects.

Aravena offers both public and in-house accredited courses for PRINCE2. In addition, we offer non-accredited in-house associated training for executives, project teams, and support staff.

Many organisations seek to know their maturity in delivering change, or know, or feel, that their projects and programmes do not work as well as expected and are searching for order and stability in the management of change. Aravena can also provide consulting services, or PPM practitioners, to assist in mentoring, reviewing or implementing PPM into the environment. In addition, as an Accredited Consulting Organisation Aravena is capable of undertaking, or assisting, in the conduct of maturity assessments. 

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